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Thank you everyone for your response on my posts so far. I am trying my best to share my knowledge with everyone. In this post we will see how we can get benefits from several Microsoft services offered for developers for free, yes you heard it right for free. We always struggle to find the best learning resources from web, when Microsoft already has several things for developers.


In today’s world technology is growing with the speed we can not imagine, every year there are many new things in every technology we are working on. 7 year ago when i had started my career it was framework 2.0 widely getting used, and now we have .net core available, VS 2005 to VS 2015. We even can not imagine using same framework for long period, as everyone is scared they will loose market value, to be frank people need experienced people in new releases in every technology, but sometime they are still using the old ones, this is my personal experience. But as an organization this is fare enough to expect, as they need to show in market that they have best resources available, and can deliver products on latest technologies.

So let’s get back to our topic, as a developer we should always upgrade our-self, your organization will pay for what work they need from you and what current project needs, our learning is always our responsibility, some organization has some training available, to keep our-self’s updated with latest technologies, but in mist if the cases we are on our own learn and upgrade.

So let’s see the things which Microsoft offers us.

  1. Microsoft Studio Dev Essentials: 

As a developer we all are aware of Visual Studio, but are you aware that there is a website https://beta.visualstudio.com/ here you can get learning resources for free.

Follow the below given steps to unlock many free things for free.

  1. Once you visit this website you will see several links on website like Visual Studio, Visual Team Services and Visual Studio Code.Web
  2. When you hover over Products menu see All Product you will see a link for Dev Essentials, click on the link you will be redirected to a new page shown below.Web2
  3. Now click on Join or access now, if you have Microsoft Account you can directly use the same credentials otherwise you can create a new one.
  4. Post login or account creation it will redirect to a new page where it will load all benefits it may take sometime so be patience, you will be redirected to below page.Web3
  5. There are multiple sections “Featured”, “Tools”, “Education” and “Support”.
  6. Now you can get download link to free IDE and many more learning things, which includes free subscription for 3 months on Pluralsight and $25 credit for Azure and many more things.
  7. Feel free to explore each things from menu, but wait this is not it, if you notice there on top right corner it has your name, click on the name,now you will be redirected to a new website.web4
  8. Now you can create and manage repository online and also you have option either to choose from TFS or GIT, just think about how easy it is to work in a project from different location, click on Create new account, we will get below page.web5

   2.Official Website

we can get many tutorials from visiting the official website as well just visit the asp.net

  1. You will see a link called Learn, visit ASP.NET if you want to learn framework, other link is to study ASP.NET coreweb6


There are many things available to study you can get article on CodeProject, there are groups available on FB, linkedin etc.

Also you can follow Scott HanselmanScott Guthrie for more learning resources.

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